How Does Website Hosting Work?

How Does Website Hosting Work?

Website Hosting

Website Hosting is the pillar of your online presence, allowing users access to your website over the Internet. Understanding how Website Hosting works is vital for someone looking to create a digital presence on the World Wide Web. Be it a private blog, a business website, or an online store that one needs to establish, working knowledge helps. Website Hosting comprises storing your website’s data files on a server and enabling visitors to access it over the Internet.

Hosting servers in a data center

Server basics

A server is a powerful computer that stays connected to the Internet perpetually. These servers are maintained in data centers by Hosting Companies. The data centers are equipped with high-speed Internet connections, high-security processes, and adequate backup power supply to guarantee continuous access to the website.


Uploading Website Files

When a website is created, various files such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, images, and videos are generated. Collectively they form your website’s content. All these files are uploaded onto a server and stored securely. These files can made available to users when they search for your business on the Internet.


Domain Name System (DNS)

Your website needs to have a domain name (for example, When a visitor types in your domain name in a web browser, a request is sent to the Domain Name System or DNS server to convert the domain name into an IP address. An IP address is a unique set of numbers that can be identified by a server.


Hosting Servers and IP Addresses

The DNS server in turn directs this request to the hosting company’s server where your domain is hosted. Every server has an IP (Internet Protocol) address. An IP address on the Internet is akin to the street address of a physical location.


Retrieving Website Content

When the browser gets to know the IP address, it directly connects to the hosting server seeking the website’s files. The server in turn sends those files to be displayed on the browser in the form of a web page. Thus, the user gets access to the data stored on the hosting server.

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